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What's New Feb 4, 2003

It's coming onto two years now that Ed's been gone, and it's time that something more is done with this website.

One thought that had occurred to me is to start getting some of his papers up here. I have a lot of stuff in electronic format, but you know Dad, so much of it is very... well, not very organized digitally... so it's going to take some sifting through.

But, I figure if I just start putting stuff up here I can organize more of it later.

Right now, I'll put any files I can quickly edit and clean up, in the "article" section of this website. Click on the upper-right navigation bar for "article".

I wonder if there's any possibility of getting a sociology intern or something to help take on part of this project. I'm just thinking outloud at the moment.

Anyway, look for good things to come on this website.





Do you have any pictures of Ed? How about video or audio tape? I will pay to copy anything you might have and want to share. Please send me an email:

Jim Powell


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