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From 2001...

A public memorial service will be held Saturday May 12th, 2001 at Unitarian Universlist Church on Elmwoord Ave. in Buffalo at 11:00 AM. Dress casual if you wish!

Leaflet regarding the service (.pdf)

Program from the Memorial Service Page 1 Page 2

Eulogy: From Jim Powell (others to follow) (this is in .pdf format)

Eulogy: From Steve Powell

New: Link to Western NY Peace Ctr

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(Thank you again, Hank.)

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Phone at 124 Jewett Pkwy: (716) 836-1815


"...Nothing that is worth doing can be
accomplished in your lifetime; therefore
you will have to be saved by hope.

Nothing that is beautiful will make sense
in the immediate instance;
therefore you must be saved by faith.

Nothing that is worth doing can be done alone,
but has to be done with others;
Therefore you must be saved by love."

-Reinhold Niebuhr as (illegible) by Edward Dewey,
Cycles, 1973,p201

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